Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kiki Kokí, the book

A big part of the inspiration for Kiki Kokí came from the Taino Indians. These are the people that populated the islands in the Caribbean when Columbus first sailed to the New World. I thought it fitting that the origins of the story be attributed to them as there are folk tales regarding the Coqui that originate from the Tainos.

For the cover I wanted to subtly get across the idea of a Coquí frog longing to be a boy again (hope I didn't spoil it). I found it fitting for Koki to create a petroglyphs of himself as a boy. The Tainos created many petroglyphs, they have been found all over Puerto Rico. There is one petroglyth of the Coqui frog, I used it as a graphic on the title page of the book. 

The book is printed in both English and Spanish. Both versions are available at

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